Established in August 2004 (FEK 1240/2004) the Palaeography Lab is located in a specially modified room in the Library of the Department of Philology. The Lab, which operates under internal regulations, aims at supporting teaching and research in Greek Palaeography, Codicology and Editing of texts by members of the academic staff and graduate and postgraduate students. Activities organised by the Palaeography Lab comprise participation in research projects involving the preservation and the study of the manuscript cultural tradition, and the organising of seminars and lectures by scholars from Greece and abroad.

The Lab possesses:

1. Modern technical equipment for reading and printing microfilms of Mss, and for producing digital images of Mss

2. Archive of microfilms of Greek Mss dated or datable to the medieval and modern period. The Archive is constantly enriched with new microfilms.

3. Printed, digitized and other kind of material relevant to palaeographical research.


Dr Fevronia Nousia, Assistant Professor in Byzantine Philology (

Research Coordinator:

Dr Eirini-Sophia Kiapidou, Assistant Professor in Byzantine Philology (


Dr Stesi Athini, Associate Professor in Modern Greek Philology (

Dr Georgia Gkotsi, Professor in Modern Greek Philology (

Dr Anna Marina Katsigianni, Associate Professor in Modern Greek and Comparative Philology (

Dr Katerina Kostiou, Professor in Modern Greek Philology (

Dr Aggeliki Syrkou, Associate Professor in Ancient Greek Philology (


Konstantinos Chryssogelos,  Assistant Professor of Byzantine Philology (